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Student Planet Custom Tours!

The Educated Choice for Adventures and Experiences in the U.S. Southwest, Baja California and Mainland Mexico!


No Matter What Your Age, You Are Always A Student!


Come Off The Beaten Path With Us, We offer Custom and Unique Excursions and Activities Midweek or the Weekend.

First and Foremost, We are Teachers! We bring our passion for educating the socially conscious, globally aware who desires to learn more than what you acquire on the Internet, books, or in a classroom.
Second: We are Locals! We are born and bred Californians with 8 generations of exploration in our region and San Diego is our home. We put all of our expertise and love into what we do to provide custom crafted and unique trips for anyone and everyone: families, ESL students, explorers, parties, companies, and groups of all kinds.

Lots of Adventures

Tons Of Moments Captured

Best Ticket in Town!

Are You Ready for the Best Experience of Your Life?

Do you have a dream trip in mind? We can help! You can choose from our destinations and combine them into your own trip, bragging rights! Or you can give your vision to SP and we will do our Damnedest to bring it to fruition! And remember, this is not just a drop you off and pick you up, we take you to out of the way places which you would not normally see. We also will be giving the history, background, inside stories, and all while in our Unique Mobile Classroom! Kick back, experience while learning, plus practicing your English skills and just Enjoy! Contact us either by email or WhatApp, provide us with your desired destinations, we will put a custom package, and a quote together for you. The experience that you will receive will have your friends, colleagues and family envious!


For our ESL students, English ONLY! This is an immersion program to better your American English skills. No Exceptions!

Stunning Destinations
Baja Trips
Awesome Adventures
Tacos Devoured
and Counting!

Customer Reviews

  • Tommy and Daniel are the Best!
    I enjoyed the trips, practiced my English, learned so much about San Diego and LA. Thank you teacher!



    Ceylan C.
    Make up Artist
  • Awesome Tours!


    Culture, Food, Fun, Scenery,
    Excellent Planning & Teacher Guides!!



    Tom Hornbeak
    Tour Operator
  • Traveling with Student Planet was a great experience! They showed us places unknown to tourists and we learned a lot about the local culture while improving our English. I hope to return to travel with them soon!



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